Top 4 Reasons Accountants Love Sage Intacct

The word ‘love’ might be a bit off-putting, but we feel it’s justified when thinking about Sage Intacct’s financial capabilities and how it helps accountants manage their daily operations. We’re just being honest. Accountants have a big responsibility. They are counted on (pun intended) to prepare and maintain accurate financial documents that are the driving force of an organization. That’s some big shoes to fill and as fellow accountants in Canada, we know accounting software can make a big difference.


Let’s explore four (4) of the top reasons why accountants love Sage Intacct so much:



Accounting is the top area in business that benefits the most from automation technology (marketing, sales, and customer service are not far behind). This is particularly obvious when it comes to the rigorous process of consolidations.


Even as business scales, Sage Intacct impressively speeds up the consolidation process using auto elimination entries. Instead of feeling forced to trust manual spreadsheets, (that are often flawed) to consolidate multiple entity financials, accountants can automate the process and report on demand with literally one click. Your job just got a whole lot easier.


Foreign Exchange Transactions

Can multi-currency accounting ever be easy? Maybe not entirely, but our team can help you leverage Sage Intacct to make it a lot simpler. Time is better spent elsewhere when you can record each location in its local currency while still using automation for your consolidations. Sage Intacct automates foreign exchange transaction conversions and revaluations using up-to-date exchange rates that are integrated into the accounting software.


By leveraging trusted foreign exchange data directly from the Sage Intacct system, you can manage international (and multi-entity) finances effectively – and have more confidence that the currencies you’re handling are up-to-the-minute accurate.



Custom reporting is undoubtedly one of our favourite features with Sage Intacct – because you’re not constantly relying on dynamic Excel spreadsheets. While spreadsheets are still accountants’ original love language, good accountants know they can be prone to errors and can often have significant data quality challenges.


Customized reporting lets accountants translate complex numbers into easy peasy tangible data that you gain clear insights from and can act on. You’re able to broaden your focus and see a business’s overall financial well-being, including your multi-entity locations. Or, if you rather, you can create a thorough report that shows you a snapshot in time that can be compared with future data. Effective, tailored reporting provides accountants with the information they need to determine the financial state of a business. Sage Intacct turns your accounting dream into reality.



As one of the top accounting software options in Canada, Sage Intacct keeps strong, reliable, and trustful records – and that means a lot to accountants! There is a built-in “Chat” feature that users can use if they want to save staff notes on transactions, even when people are away from their desk. The chat function and electronic notes are documented and attached to relevant accounts and reports within the system. If people need to have a conversation about a particular report, it can be documented using this feature without additional work.


You can also comment and tag others if you need their attention or want them to engage in an online discussion. Having these conversations recorded right in the accounting software simplifies the audit process by leaving a secure audit trail for internal and independent auditors to review when needed. Auditors can obtain and review the chats and notes where it’s most relevant and well preserved.


The biggest influencers in purchasing ERP software were employees from the accounting department (23%) and that’s our bread and butter – accounting and ERPs. We’ve been around the block a few times so can relate to the common issues accountants face on a regular basis. That’s why we’re always on the hunt for ways of making our jobs more efficient – we want our lives AND yours to be easier.


Sage Intacct has a built-in compliance framework for finance teams to become more data-driven while also providing the flexibility to add more functionality when growing a global team. If you’re interested in hearing straight from the horse’s mouth on why accountants love Sage Intacct, give our team of experts a call.

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