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Sage Intacct for Wholesale Distribution

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Scale your business on demand so you stay on top of product complexities and inventory velocity.

Wholesale distribution is evolving, and that comes with its own set of unique challenges. Modernizing the inventory management lifecycle and optimizing operations, just like optimizing our accounting processes, is key to increasing productivity and staying ahead of competitors. With Sage Intacct‘s wholesale distribution software and our years of industry experience, we can help you control your supply chain, not the other way around. Sage Intacct gives you the flexibility to scale your infrastructure as needed so you can easily and quickly adapt to technology changes and customer demands.

Improved Visibility

Capture your unique industry needs using Sage Intacct’s flexible wholesale distribution software. Since we’re money experts, we can help you leverage the solution to:

  • highlight results by product line and give timely margin analysis
  • improve monitoring with custom dashboards and instant reporting so you know what warehouse processes are running optimally and what needs further investigation
  • gain better tracking of warehouse performance by consolidating master distributors and sub-distributors
  • enjoy superior inventory turns and reorder points, along with a reduction of inventory cash requirements (think $$ savings!)
  • improve areas vulnerable to damage and missed profits through valuable production insights

Innovate & Transform Your Supply Chain Management

Profits are our thing. Grow product line profitability by automating crucial activities like collecting, managing, and tracking product line sales. Use Sage Intacct’s open API to seamlessly connect to third-party logistic warehouse systems or CRM applications that help you manage your daily raw materials, customer service, and supply chain operations. Improve decision-making and enhance inventory monitoring through built-in flexible dimensions that give real-time reporting and superior accuracy in profit margin calculations and analysis.

Streamline warehouse management

Optimized Inventory Management – We love automating numbers. Sage Intacct easily does that along with automating essential warehouse activities, like receiving, packing, and storing, helps you better control inventory and maintain ideal levels of materials for staff, suppliers, and customers.


Build Your Own Workflows – No matter the size of your operations, you can tailor your workflows specific to your supply chain management. Automated workflows improve production time and customer satisfaction while also keeping staff happy through less duplication of work and manual labour activities.

Make the right connections

Synchronize Warehouse Operations – Accountants suffer from depreciation. You suffer from incohesive operations. Keep everyone informed by combining all data and essential activities into one single platform. Ensure operational efficiency and run an efficient and collaborative warehouse that aligns all departments, accounting, sales, shipping, receiving, storage, with unified and accurate information at their fingertips.

“Agility and insight are essential for a small, rapidly-growing company like Dapple. Sage Intacct has made a huge impact on both, by reducing the time we spend on finance housekeeping and freeing us up to focus on things that are actually growing the business. Thanks to the real-time financial and operational visibility we now have in Sage Intacct, I can always see if we’re meeting our forecasts, and I sleep better at night.”

Jeremy Pertman
Former CEO, Dapple

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