Sage Intacct for Professional Services

Power up your service-based business with Sage Intacct.

A modern cloud-based ERP for professional services that focuses on profitable operations & an enriched customer experience.

As accountants we dig numbers, but we know that in the professional services industry, they can’t be the only focus. Sage Intacct is your answer when it comes to a best-in-class cloud ERP for professional services that proactively manages projects, customer operations, HR tasks, and financial processes. It doesn’t matter what type of service business you own – IT, marketing, HR consulting, engineering, recruiting, architecture, investment brokerage – from our industry experience, we can tailor Sage Intacct with your business in mind.

Financial management simplified.

Guess who’s great with numbers? We are! We can help you stop guessing or making bad assumptions based on outdated data. Sage Intacct’s intelligent budgeting and planning tools lets you to track your costs vs your budget in real-time. You can save resources and stay organized (an accountants dream combo) by consolidating offices and streamlining time entries through cloud-based capture of time spent on each job. With an ERP for professional services firms, you can allocate direct costs efficiently to a client, and won’t miss out on recovering your costs due to the complexity of tracking these items.

“In the five years since we graduated to Sage Intacct, our revenue increased significantly, and there’s no way we could’ve kept up with that growth if we were still using QuickBooks. I used to work up to 80 hours a week, but now I work 40-hour weeks with the same-sized team, thanks to the amazing automation and productivity boost we gained with Sage Intacct."

Lisa Roeder
Business Manager, Berkshire Associates

Predict future performance with top-down visibility.

Wondering how you’re doing today? We can help you crunch the numbers to find out. Get high visibility into the actual performance of your business with real-time, up to the minute data insights that drive informed decisions and improve productivity. Seamlessly track expenses and staff’s time with Sage Intacct’s built-in automated time and expense tracking tools. You can stop stressing about numbers and instead focus on the important project work that impacts your bottom line.

See your entire business

Never Miss a Payday – Reduce time-consuming administrative work of tracking staff’s time spent by utilizing Sage Intacct’s unified time and expense module. Promptly pay expense claims as soon as they’re submitted by receiving instant alerts when claims are ready to be looked at and approved.


Simplified Integration – A single source of information drives faster decisions and allows you to jump on growth opportunities as soon as they pop up. Gain better control and ensure information is automated and accurate across the entire enterprise ecosystem with one integrated and scalable tech stack that grows alongside your business.

Scrap the Spreadsheets – People think accountants love spreadsheets, but what we actually like is accuracy & insight. Gain confidence in your decisions from not relying on manual error-prone spreadsheets that contain outdated and flawed information. Hand the power over to Sage Intacct so it can automate your project workflows and accurately track your profits and expenses for you.


Sustainable Profitability – With our 100+ combined years of industry experience, we know that to remain relevant you must continually improve. Drive sustainability, boost productivity, and gain a competitive advantage in your services-based business by cutting wastes and focusing on continuous improvement opportunities. Future-proof your business by adopting optimized workflows within Sage Intacct that pinpoint unknown inefficiencies.