Drive filming & project efficiency while cutting costs.

Sage Intacct for the Media Industry:

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Connect your media company across locations, offices, and productions all on one centralized platform.

  • The media industry is demanding – whether you’re a broadcaster, producer, talent agent, distributor, or have multiple business lines including film, television or digital media. You’re managing multiple clients or productions and their filming timelines & budgets, so you need a system that is flexible and scalable. Using Sage Intacct’s powerful core financial management solution, you can meet the unpredictable business demands of the entertainment industry and look after more than simply your film production accounting. Track your multi-company financial and non-financial project costs, run payroll, and get real-time reporting – all in one easy-to-use system.

Multi-entity & multi-currency instead of multiple books.

We’ve seen how messy it can be to consolidate multiple international productions. As dedicated CPAs who work with many Canadian media companies, we’ve also seen how the right industry-specific solution can transform a business.


Sage Intacct easily supports multiple country consolidations & multiple currencies out of the box. So, your live-action production filming in Ontario, Quebec, & France can receive tax credits for three corporations with two currencies & two provincial tax structures. Let us simplify your film production accounting with automation & easy-to-use technology.

Replace Excel with Customizable Reports.

Believe it or not, even though we’re accountants, we love Sage Intacct’s interactive custom report writer more than number crunching. We know a good thing when we see one. This reporting tool delivers simple & automated data visualizations that address complex expense tracking, consolidation, & reporting needs.


It also lets you report on multiple productions using customized dimensions that include financial and non-financial data. For example, you can customize a weekly report compiling six productions with 100s of employees each. Save days’ worth of time by chucking Excel out the window, & never look back.

Upgrade Your Production Accounting to Financial Management

Enhance your payroll structure – Streamline and automate your Canadian payroll through Sage Intacct Marketplace partners, like the cloud-based Criterion HCM. This solution allows you to reduce time and costs while simplifying your human resource and payroll. With potential hundreds of staff per production, this can have a significant impact on your film production accounting & team management!


Optimize routine credit card processes – Automation and integration are your new best friend. Why? With Sage Intacct Marketplace partners’ capabilities, you can easily import & look at all the different credit card bills from each department on each production. You can better monitor your overall financials and gain a more fulsome view of the pending expenses of your business.

See the big picture.

The media industry is not unlike other industries when it comes to effectively managing workflows, financials, and operations. Media companies also need a robust financial suite and a hands-on, knowledgeable, experienced ERP partner from concept to solution. With more than 100 years of accounting experience and our in-depth Sage Intacct proficiency, we can help you digitally transform your media business by automating complex processes and simplifying operations all while providing accurate multi-entity and multi-currency global consolidations.

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