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Sage Intacct for Franchises

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Turn days into minutes with Sage Intacct’s easy to use consolidation tool.

Effectively manage all your finances no matter how geographically dispersed your franchises are with Sage Intacct’s franchise management software. Accountants love finding money, and we can help you do the same. Save time, money, and not to mention a lot of stress by eliminating manual and complicated multi-location consolidations. With a simple mouse click, you can seamlessly track each franchise location separately while also still allowing for easy consolidation of transactions.

Gain results with accurate KPI reporting.

From our experience helping clients run their franchise businesses, we know how accurate data and integrating multi-entity tasks into one scalable solution impacts growth. No more best guessing your operational metrics. Sage Intacct provides real-time data analytics, like sales and margins by product, when you need, wherever you are. You can better handle complex franchise related tasks, like issuing royalty payments, and capturing unique franchise by franchise characteristics that boost reporting insights and drive better strategic decisions.

Automate routine accounting tasks.

Errors often accompany multi-entity transactions, like manual franchise consolidations and royalty computations. Mistakes cost big money in the accounting world. Using our experience, we know how to simplify these transactions with Sage Intacct’s powerful automation tools that instantly consolidates and issue royalties, without human intervention, and then automatically corrects and organizes (*happy dance*) the data as it flows through the system. A centralized and streamlined payment workflow improves accuracy and efficiency in complex intercompany transactions.

Increase productivity with a cloud solution

Centralized intuitive solution – Manage every store’s transaction and observe financial performance across all locations using one user-friendly platform. Report out on the combined data of all entities to see an overarching view of the company’s performance or on stores individually to share performance with local management.


Seamless 3rd party integrations – If you’re looking to expand locations or do like we did and increase the scope of business, Sage Intacct can accommodate. Ensure your franchisee’s operations run smoothly during growth while also keeping productivity high by utilizing the open API to seamlessly add-on additional third-party applications that help manage business during times of change.

Work cooperatively together – Everyone counts in accounting. A centralized franchise management software solution enhances communication, improves teamwork, and drives performance. Save time and money by preventing overlapping of activities and duplication of work, and employ a unified platform that ensures everyone is of a shared mind and is making optimal decisions based off the same dynamic information.


Digitally transform your business to maximize growth – With our teams’ superior accounting experience and complementary ERP knowledge, we can shape Sage Intacct to help the many unique challenges franchisees continually face, like managing product lines across locations, multi-entity consolidations, and royalty payments. We believe the right solution doesn’t hinder growth potential, instead it maximizes ROI and provides numerous value-added offerings to your customers, staff, and industry.

Before we made the switch, we were using archaic software that had been heavily customized, was costly to maintain, and wasn’t integrated. It was clear that we needed a new, more robust financial system that could sync with our payment portal in real-time to eliminate duplicate data entry and manual work. We looked at both NetSuite and Sage Intacct, and ultimately chose Sage Intacct because it offered sophisticated multi-entity ERP functionality in the cloud, as well as proven integrations with partner solutions like 2CP’s customer payment portal.

Keith Ungerer
Corporate Controller, HomeVestors

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