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Sage Intacct for Nonprofits & Religious Organizations

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Solve day-to-day financial challenges with Sage Intacct’s cloud nonprofit accounting software.

As an accounting firm, we know you rely heavily on robust budgeting as your spending is a function of the money available from donations and other funding sources. With Sage Intacct, you can effortlessly track your budget-to-actuals, contributions, and expenses for specific programs while also allowing you to report on pre-built or customized key performance indicators (KPIs). Having a nonprofit accounting software solution manage the financial and budgeting complexities of your business, helps you stay focused on your mission and goals.

Build strong, long-term, valuable relationships.

We thrive off solving money problems! That’s why we look to Sage Intacct not only as an intelligent accounting system for religious organizations and nonprofits but also as a powerful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform that creates efficiencies and eliminates duplication of data entry. This allows your team to better manage donor relations and foster long-term relationships, providing monetary value and opportunities to your organization.

Better understand your cash flow and spending.

Using our industry experience, along with Sage Intacct’s intuitive platform, we can help your religious organization or nonprofit gather more robust financial reporting. You can better track your standard and/or customized financials, and other valuable non-financial metrics.

Sage Intacct’s dimensional reporting also allows you to easily manage funding dollars by program, grant, geographic location, or entity. Give everyone on your team access to unparalleled reporting and budgeting capabilities that provide critical, time-sensitive financial information.

Stronger Internal Controls, Tighter Cash Management

Get a Bird’s Eye View – Going over budget is never an accountant’s goal. Simplify budgeting using Sage Intacct’s departmental reporting. This feature is important, so managers have access to what they need to monitor the financial performance of their specific department and efficiently operate within budgets.


Ensure Overall Integrity – Can’t beat a good paper trail! Maintain transparency with up-to-date, real-time data analytics that power impactful decisions. Accurate tracking of funding that you can quickly distribute provides financial reassurance and ensures regulation and auditing compliance of your operations and financial records.

Complete Visibility and Transparency

Scalability Matters – Not sure where you want to take your organization in the future? While accountants prefer to plan, we know even the best of plans derail. Whatever direction you end up taking, whether that’s managing multiple locations or satellite organizations around the globe, or transforming operations through automation of workflows, Sage Intacct has the flexibility to accommodate your needs.


Better serve your purpose with Sage Intacct – With Sage Intacct’s nonprofit accounting software and our extensive experience, we can help you uncover funding opportunities, reduce IT overhead costs, improve strategic relationships, and streamline admin burdens, so you can deliver business results in line with your mission.

With Sage Intacct, we have improved productivity by 25 percent for our worldwide field operations and global finance teams and seen a revenue increase of 15 percent. This translates to added resources to reach an additional 100,000 children through our Literacy Program and 21,000 girls through our Girls’ Education Program.

Shari Freedman
CFO, Room to Read

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