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Sage Intacct for Financial Services:

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Create a data-driven culture with powerful insights that everyone can use.

From living and breathing the accounting industry, we know it’s hard managing the variety of service offerings, handling the different currencies, and calculating the different rates of return for a financial services firm. Your true financial health is often clear as mud. From our experience, we’ve learned that simplifying is key and leveraging Sage Intacct’s powerful cloud-accounting solution helps with that. Its multi-dimensional reporting eliminates manual reports and provides real-time insights that drive better strategic decisions.

Simplify asset management and cut close time in half.

As accountants, we love keeping the numbers clean and clear. That’s why we suggest keeping your portfolios organized with Sage Intacct’s asset tracking management tool, so you can quickly calculate rates of returns. Assets under management (AUM) is an integral part of business and this optimized functionality is customizable and built into Sage Intacct. Save time and improve reporting by easily consolidating offices and multi-financials around the globe. With all your firm’s data on one screen you can better slice and dice the data and improve accuracy.

The key to innovation.

Sage Intacct removes mind-numbing manual processes by enhancing the efficiency of processes with tailored automation fitted for your business. Realize substantial time savings and increase staff productivity from not waiting on other teams to finish tasks before they can start theirs. With tailored financial services software, you’ll gain better control (we love strong internal controls) and be better able to monitor how service lines are performing with real-time data insights everyone sees.

Automated financial services software

Scale when you want to – Get unlimited growth with a centralized and scalable platform that works with you, never against you. You can seamlessly and quickly grow to meet client demands, increased users, and the evolving regulations that go hand-in-hand with the financial services sector.


Automate routine financials – Save your team time and improve accuracy with a modern ERP system that gathers and analyzes your financial data right in front of your eyes. Automated processes help to streamline business operations and gain a more comprehensive view of your business.

Transparency & insight are a great combination

Ensure compliance with regulations – We’re great at following accounting principles, and we want the same for you. Build transparency in your business and remain confident that government regulations are met. Monitor your financials and receive instant alerts of suspicious or unusual activities from anywhere in the world.


Tailored dashboards that meet the users’ needs – Obviously, we love numbers, but we don’t love the added work of collecting and synthesizing numbers from disconnected systems. Sage Intacct’s industry specific financial services software offers colourful dashboards with customizable graphs & charts that present a detailed and easily understood visual. The ability to drill down into the surface-level data for further analysis offers even more insights at just the push of a button

Financial Services

The #1 accounting software for more than 670 financial services firms that collectively manage more than $1.3 trillion AUM

  • Asset Management Firms
  • Family Offices
  • Private Equity Firms
  • Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) Firms
  • Venture Capital Firms
  • Wealth Management Firms

"Sage Intacct… offers flexibility, ease of use, and the ability to see where we are financially at any point in time with instant consolidations. Reporting capabilities are outstanding – those are the things that are key for us. My time is now freer to… work on investing funds rather than tracking them and looking at history in our books."

Michael Dolence
Vice President of Operations, Pride Investment Partners

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