The CFO’s Best Friend

Sage Intacct and the chief financial officer (CFO): “A match made in heaven”, “love at first sight”, “teamwork makes the dream work”. However you want to say it, Sage Intacct is the CFO’s best friend simply because it helps them perform their job better. The powerful cloud-based financial and accounting software automates critical financial processes, while also providing accurate in-depth insights that drive organizational agility and growth. A good CFO always focuses on what affects a company’s bottom line, and Sage Intacct does just that.


Good Riddance Spreadsheets!

“Sorry, your spreadsheet is wrong,” says every CFO in every company. Accountants gain a lot when updating from older traditional accounting software to more modern systems, like Sage Intacct. A big one is that they get to say goodbye to annoying, time-consuming, and error-prone spreadsheets. People who rely on single-user spreadsheets struggle to meet growing businesses’ demands because they provide poor visualizations and business insights, especially when compared to more advanced business intelligence tools.


Automation & Reporting

Automating workflows and customizing reporting saves a lot of time and effort that is typically spent analyzing data and worrying about data entry and processing. So much so that 57% of IT leaders say automation technology saves their staff between 10% and 50% on costs previously associated with manual processing. Accountants often use many financial systems and have many accounting software options for preparing standard financial statements. Timely, detailed analysis of multiple departments or processes, using different formats and formulas requires comprehensive, real-time, and customized financial reporting that’s made possible with Sage Intacct.


Better Security

Accountants who use Sage Intacct help their company eliminate hardware costs and IT burdens while enjoying increased productivity and better security. All because it’s managed in the cloud. Some people wonder if cloud computing provides adequate cybersecurity however, it usually provides a lot more security as long as it’s managed properly.


In our experience, it’s the cloud-based organizations that partner with an experienced and knowledgeable cloud-managed service provider that responds best to the unpredictable. 80% of CEOs and CFOs who participated in a survey ranked security and privacy of data as their top priority. So, don’t penny-pinch when it comes to protecting your data. Invest in cloud computing to help save you money in the future.


Resource Allocation is the Golden Ticket

Sage Intacct drives growth, it doesn’t stifle it. In terms of productivity, cloud-based accounting software allows people to work from anywhere on any device. Duplication of work is reduced because businesses can store files and documents in the cloud which everyone can access, as opposed to storing information on a person’s workstation where only they have access to it.


Additionally, the costs associated with managing physical IT infrastructure are eliminated because when you are working in the cloud there are no IT servers to maintain. There are no upfront capital costs, and no budget is required for repairs or replacement costs. If you choose, a cloud-managed services partner can do this on your behalf and charge you a monthly subscription, so the cost is laid out upfront making it extremely straightforward to budget for! Valuable resources assigned to manage IT equipment can be put towards more productive projects and priorities that help realize strategic goals and propel organizational growth.


Seamless Integration

It’s no secret we love Sage Intacct. We also aren’t afraid to admit it’s unrealistic to have just a standalone ERP system running your entire business ecosystem. You may rely on other third-party software programs to manage certain parts of your business – sales tax reporting, CRM, inventory management, and other tasks.


Fortunately, Sage Intacct integrates seamlessly with a business’s entire portfolio of business applications, saving accountants and businesses valuable time and effort. This seamless integration improves communication and data flow between disconnected systems while also enhancing business visibility. Having all your data in one place allows for quick real-time reporting and data analysis rather than having to manually combine information to make a fully informed decision.


Additionally, system integration increases scalability and the speed at which you can adapt to changes. Whether that’s scaling operations up or down to meet demand, you can do so with the help of Sage Intacct. It can easily connect your complex accounting processes with external applications by use of a built-in open API.


Sage Intacct is a CFO’s best friend no matter how you slice it. They wake up stress-free (ok, maybe not quite) knowing Sage Intacct accurately records important financial data that helps them gain a better understanding of their business. CFOs have a critical role, and Sage Intacct works with them by automating the tough stuff so they can laser focus on new growth for the business – 85% of business leaders believe that automation will give more time to focus on the goals that truly matter to the company. If you’re looking for more reasons why we think Sage Intacct is a CFOs best bud, contact our team.

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