5 Ways to Leveraging Sage Intacct’s Project Financial Management in Your Business

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You successfully implemented the best-in-class cloud Sage Intacct Project Financial Management solution into your business, and everyone is starting to get the hang of its automated processes and powerful features. Except to your dismay, you’re still identifying pain points in workflows. You might be thinking you’re not leveraging the new software to the best of its abilities, and…you’re probably right. Learning a new enterprise-wide system can take anywhere between 6 months to 2 years. That’s why we never expect our clients to have it all figured out on their own right away.


70% of all projects fail, however, implementing an effective project management process is shown to reduce the failure rate to 20% or below. If you’ve been in the business for a while, you know just how impactful effective project management software is and the impacts of not following proper methodologies and protocols. Sage Intacct provides its users with a best-in-class financial framework that unifies, automates, and streamlines multiple concurrent projects’ lifecycles.  Here are the 5 ways we find customers get the most out of this ideal small business project management software:


Comprehensive Reporting

When talking about Sage Intacct, it’s rude to not highlight its excellent project-specific reports. Imagine the data-driven decisions you can make when you’re able to access financial, non-financial, and operational project data in real-time at the simple click of a button. If you’re interested in zeroing in on one specific raw ingredient or if you need to slice & dice the data and dig deeper into the granular details, you can do so with Sage Intacct’s powerful reporting capabilities.


Dimensional Filters

The filter feature turns a sizable amount of data into an organized and manageable process because it displays only the data sets you want, rather than having to sift through an ocean of unnecessary information to get the answers you need. Sage Intacct’s easy-to-use filtering tool is based on flexible dimensional structures like locations, time periods, units, projects, or individual customers, which makes reporting out on data so much faster and easier.


Business System Integration

We know that you likely rely on other software to run your business efficiently. Sage Intacct knows that too and offers full business system integration. Strengthen your business and get better sleep at night knowing that your external systems, like Salesforce or another CRM solution, can be easily integrated with Sage Intacct to produce full-scale reports that details the heart of the business. This is the secret sauce to better, more informed strategic decisions!


Automated Approvals

In any project, there are always tons of time-sensitive approvals to steer through to keep the project on track. It would be nice to automate multiple approval levels using email notifications and system alerts. Sage Intacct’s customizable built-in approval workflow speeds up the reimbursement and expense processes. Furthermore, it provides a digitized audit trail of what transactions were approved or not approved so there’s no grey area and uncertainty.


Smarter Multi-Currency Functionality

Need to expand your project to more locations? Work with international companies? Not a big deal. Sage Intacct handles multi-entity and multi-currency functionality, like expenses, reimbursements, and non-reimbursements efficiently. Additionally, Sage Intacct gives you full control by allowing multiple currencies in a project’s budget. It’s more than project management software, it is a true multi-currency project accounting software solution and reduces complexity so you can stay focused on the work and grow your business.


Implementing a new ERP system is a big accomplishment, but it doesn’t end there. Learning how your business can leverage Sage Intacct for bottom-line results is another feat itself, and one that shouldn’t be done alone. That’s what we’re here for. Reach out to our experts anytime. As accountants, we’ve been on your side of the fence before and can relate to the common accounting annoyances. We promise we can help make accounting fun again by leveraging Sage Intacct in your business.

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